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Things to Do in Cedar Key


The thing we are most proud of, and the thing that brings visitors back again and again, is our people and the way of life on Cedar Key. If you start with a base of families that are descendants of the early settlers, add in a mix of fishermen, sprinkle in some artisans, then top it off with some retirees (both young and not so young), you end up with a mixture that is the attitude and lifestyle of Cedar Key – a lifestyle that is old Florida with its friendliness and neighborliness, but with the experiences of the outside world that allows us to have great restaurants and great artists. It’s a mixture of people who, for the most part, live here because we want to, not because we have to! Come visit our small, romantic, American town.

Take home some fresh farm-raised Cedar Key clams.

Cedar Key Florida Clams

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For a village of less than 800 permanent residents, the number and quality of artists and skilled craftsmen will astound you. As you walk the streets of Cedar Key you will see locally done art at every turn…Paintings, sculptures, wood carvings, and local crafts are everywhere… artwork that is celebrated each Spring with our annual Cedar Key Arts Festival.

Since Cedar Key is still a fishing village, the Seafood Festival is held each Fall to celebrate our fishing industry. The Seafood Festival honors more than the economic impact of the men and women that take part in fishing, it celebrates their contribution to the core of the fabric of life on Cedar Key.


Cedar Key…A Way of Life


“Cedar Key might well be called the last outpost of the Florida Keys, inasmuch as it is the only remaining group of islands which has not been touched by the lush-plush of the resort hotels … where there are no nightclubs and where the hustle-bustle honk and screech of traffic is unknown. What is more, it probably will remain such a quiet, peaceful place for some time to come, due largely to its geographical location. It is off the beaten track, fortunately for those who appreciate nature, unchanged and unaltered by man, and for those, too, who are seeking rest and relaxation.”

– “Cedar Key…A Way of Life” by Ron MacIntyre


Special Events

The Cedar Key Arts Festival

The Seafood Festival



  • Fishing - boat charters, pier, shoreline
  • Birding
  • Nature Hikes - Cedar Key Scrub State Reserve, Cedar
  • Keys National Wildlife Refuge
  • Boating/ Dolphin Tour
  • Kayaking/ Canoeing
  • Shopping
  • Art Galleries
  • Cedar Key Historical Museum
  • Beach-front playground and park

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